• Convert your MS Excel to a powerful database data filtering tool

  • intuitive user interface and usability, designed based on user experince

  • OneClickImport multiple tables into MS Excel, excellent for summary charts


Get direct access to your Company's database and get fresh data in to your MS Excel by OneClick Import function.
Avoid using old data sent by email as Excel files. With FlexView get direct access to database and import fresh with only one click ...

Fields and Parameter selection

Select fields and designate them as search parameters, Save and share them with others.
Define and customize which fields you want to import and in which order, Create search parameters by mouse click and save them in local disk for later use

Excellent Import Speed

Imports up to 1.000.000 mill. rows with in 60 sec in to Microsoft Excel direct from you datawarehouse
Direct import and advanced filtering makes FlexView an Excellent Tool, when dealing with huge amount of data, Avoid using slowly reporting Tool that might crashes or getting very slow when importing data....

Simultaneously dataset read

Read multiple datasets simultaneously. Excellent for summary reports
Creating executive Summary reports has not been easier. By importing multiple datasets from your companys's Dynamic Ax, Navision or other database, you can create multiple charts which could be data from sales, budget, best customer etc.

about FlexView


Flexview, An intuitive Addon Tool for Microsoft Excel.

Flexview, was first introduced as a prototype for one of the Scandinavians largest bank, when the procurement department hired one of our consultants to create reporting service report for them. We realized, how they were struggling to import financial data into the excel and they spent lots of time and money to order new reporting, which basically imported the same set of data from Dynamics Ax Data warehouse into the Microsoft Excel, but the users needed different columns with different search parameters. When the reports were designed and created and published to the sharepoint a new issue encountered and that was the import to Micorsoft Excel either halted or crashed, when dealing with large a month of data. When the Flexview prototype was shown to the department, “it took their breath away” and then we decided to development of that which today is being used by Dansk Bank, Djøf and 3F Union.