Easy Install & Setup connection

After download and running the setup file and after the setup progress, Flexview will be visible on the Microsoft Excel Menu list. Setting up the connection is as easy as it gets. However, a person with database understanding must help to do this part.


Datasets in Flexview are a module which connect your Excel to the database table(s), database view with a simple SQL statement. It is also possible to connect to a storedprocedure with parameters coming from the users. In order to create a dataset you need to know your database model and also how to you can write SQL. Cooperations can use the Datawarehouse/IT department or IT vendors to provide you with the SQL data. Once the datasets are created the filters and field selections is left to the user.

Easy Field & Filter Selection

When a dataset is created, the user can open it in an intuitive user-interface, where all the fileds of the dataset are listed in a listbox.
The user can select those fields he/she needs to import and as filtering parameters.

Once the user is finnished the seetings can be saved in the disk as template .

Sharing Fields & parameters

The user can save the fields and parameters and share them with others.
It can also be saved in Excel Data Connection, then save the Excel file and send the file to others, with this feature the receiver of the file does not need a flexview installed in order to import data.

Sharing Datasets

When the datasets are created by the IT department or some one with SQL knowledge, they can be stored on a company shared folder in a repository. By setting up any each Flexview to this folder all the user can get access to these queries, now the users can use these datsets and manipultae farther with fileds and parameters as they need.

Add datasets to Favorit list

By adding a dataset in Excel menu, the user can have quick access to those datasets,
All the Custom Fields in the favorit list are initiated by oneclick function, ie, the data can be imported to the Excel by one user click on the Custom Fields in the favoritlist.
The most use Query can be opened from the Queries in the favorit list

Speed Import, up to 1.000.000 rows within 60 seconds

By using the views combined with Filtering features in Flexview the data are already filtered in your companies SQL Server. That makes Flexview very fast. If the SQL Query which is coded by IT Department is optimized, you can import up to 1.000.000 rows which is the maximum rows allowed in Microsoft Excel, within 60 seconds. This is Rocket speed.

Other Utilities


  • Save in Excel Data Connection: You can save your template in Excel embedded Data Connection.
  • Share Templates: Share a template with others with Email.
  • MS Access & MS SQLserver:Compatible and tested with MS Access & MS SQLserver.
  • Embedded Parameters:Created fix parameters on the views, so you can enforce the user to filter before import.
  • View elements:Use either SQL Table select statement or call a Stored Procedure to create views.