Multiple Data Load

Impress your bosses.

Flexview can manage up to many datasources and can import several views simultaneously, This function is great if you want to use Excel as your Summary Reporting  Tool in your management meetings. The advantage of using flexview is, that you dont have to create the Excel report each time on a dead data, but get them fresh from your database each time,

All you have to do is to create views, use easy selector  to select the fileds you need for your report and then save them as template in to the Flexview OneClick import favorit list.

When you click on Oneclick Import flexview fill one Excelsheet for each view. You can use normal Excel functionallity and create a summary report with several charts and create your summary report. Each week or month  all you have to do is to click on OneClick import and refresh your Graphs.

By this function you can save time only once to create your report each time and always have freshdata whenever you want.


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